Rescue Pups

We aid in rescuing hundreds of animals. Here are a few we’d like you to meet. If you are interested in fostering or adoption send us a message

Little Misty & Lady Shakes

Little Misty and Lady Shakes

These two senior Chihuahuas were surrendered to the Los Angeles County Shelter in the senior years. Little Misty, the momma, was 13 and Lady Shakes, the daughter was 10. After three months with no adopters, their time was up and they were scheduled for euthanasia. We agreed to take them into our program and found them a loving home in Boston.



Skelly was tied to a chain for two years. He was severely emaciated and heartworm positive when we took him into our program. His foster mom worked with him for months because he was terrified of everything! He wouldn’t walk up or down stairs, and for those first few weeks he had to be carried. When Skelly got his paws down the stairs for the first time, his foster mom knew there was no turning back. She officially adopted Skelly and he spends his days in Manhattan or in the suburbs in New Jersey, usually with his beloved soccer ball.

LYNNE, Cleft Palate Pittie with a Cause


Lynne was born with a cleft palate, and Funny for Fido provided a grant for her surgery. Now she spends her days visiting children in schools as “The Cleft Palate Pittie with a Cause” and teaches children that it’s OK to be different.



Rosie was our guest of honor in 2013. She had severe allergies that required expensive medication, but we provided her with the veterinary care she needed and now she lives in New Hampshire.



Tappy McDaniels spent 6 months in a shelter in Newark, NJ without a single application from an adopter. On the day he was scheduled to be euthanized, Funny for Fido pulled him from the shelter. He was heartworm positive, which is expensive to treat, but we provided him with medication and now he lives in Brooklyn.

ASSISI, Cross country drive


Last winter Assisi was abandoned in a snow storm. After an extensive search we found the perfect home for him… in Missouri! We drove this beautiful blue cross country to a huge farm where he was able to run and play.



Dexter was surrendered to the shelter twice by two different families. Funny for Fido took him into our program and today, Dexter lives on a farm in Maryland with two rescued horses, a rescued parrot, one feral cat and his new best friend, another rescued pit named Diesel.